With an efficient water storage system such as water storage tanks can dramatically reduce their families tap water consumption.


Rainwater tanks underground

If you use tap-water for all applications both inside as outside, you will soon pay a fortune. It is a pity, especially when you realize that the half of this expenditure can be avoided.

By using Boralit water systems one can reduce his water expenditure with 50%. A rainwater recycling system is not a useless investment. On the contrary, after a while the system repays it itself and in the long term you will save a lot of money thanks to a lower water bill.

Boralit has a wide range of water storage solutions.

  • Underground rainwater tanks
  • Above ground rainwater tanks
  • Systems to recycle rainwater
  • Rainwater filters

A rainwater tank collects the water coming from the gutter. The tank will gradually fill up. As soon as it is full, the surplus water will overflow into the sewer or into a canal. It is important that the water collected is as clean as possible. Any leaves entering the tank will start to rot and cause an unpleasant smell.

By installing a rainwater filter, the number of times the tank has to be cleaned, will be greatly reduced. Several rainwater tanks can be coupled together to obtain a larger capacity. In this case we will provide a PVC coupling screw at the bottom of the tank. A flexible coupling of 1 meter (or, on demand, even longer) will be supplied. It is glued into the coupling screws. Our commercial service will inform you concerning the possibilities to couple. Boralit can also offer tanks which are fully equipped for rainwater recycling. These tanks are available with a volume of 2.400, 3.300 and 6.000 litres.